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Our lawyers at Festa & Murray LLP have experience guiding a variety of litigants through the appellate process.  Whether you need advice on protecting a victory at trial, or reversing an overwhelming loss, we are here to help. 


We offer a premium service helping clients determine whether a trial court's order is appealable, or whether a petition for writ of mandamus is the appropriate remedy.  Whether an appeal or a writ of mandamus is the course of action, our lawyers have extensive experience.  Effective appellate work requires compliance with a litany of procedural requirements; providing an adequate record to the appellate court; and drafting briefs that clearly discuss the relevant facts, procedural history, and applicable law.  Festa & Murray LLP help civil litigants accomplish these and other tasks. 


We are also familiar with the justices that serve on the appellate courts in Alabama.  We know how each judge traditionally rules on issues, allowing us to provide invaluable advice to our clients on the front end to evaluate the likelihood for success. 


Pursuing an appeal is likely the last line of defense in most cases, so you need a lawyer with the experience you can trust. 

Questions?  Contact Us and schedule a consultation with us today.  

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