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Termite Claims and Litigation


Your family's home is the biggest investment you will ever make.  An active termite infestation can compromise the structural integrity of a home in as little as two months. 


Unfortunately, the warmth and humidity here in south Alabama creates the ideal environment for a variety of termite species.  In particular, subterranean termites and Formosan termites cause millions of dollars in property damages in Mobile County alone, each year.  During the months of May and June our local community will be plagued by swarming termites at dusk.  Some termite swarms are so large they can be detected by weather radar devices. 


At Festa & Murray LLP, we are happy to represent home owners and business owners who have had their homes and/or businesses damaged due to  termite activity.     

  • Wood Infestation Inspection Reports: We offer legal services to home buyers who have purchased a home with an inaccurate wood infestation inspection report.  These reports are crucial to advise home buyers of active termite infestations (as well as past termite damage).  If the wood infestation report you received turns out to be incorrect, your home could be in need of substantial repairs.  If this has happened to your family, please give us a call and we will be happy to give you more information. 


  • Termite Bonds: At Festa & Murray LLP, we offer legal representation to home owners when their pest control company has wrongfully denied their claim under a termite bond, and in situations where the pest control company refuses to fix the full extent of damage.  Your pest control company should also be performing annual inspections of your home (and any termite bait stations) in search of termite activity.

  • Termite Treatments: There are strict procedures pest control companies must follow in order to properly administer the pesticides commonly used to prevent termite infestations.  If applied incorrectly, termites may still invade your home.  Part of our investigation includes confirming whether or not these pesticides were properly applied to create a chemical barrier around your home.  

  • Damages: Termite infestations result in a variety of damages we can help you recover.  Aside from the physical property damage to the home itself that requires remediation and repair, the fact that the home has had termite damage hurts its market value.  This reduction in market value is sometimes called "stigma" damage.  In other words, real estate buyers may not want to pay the full market value for a home that has been damaged by termites, even if all of the necessary repairs have been made.  Other damages we can help your family recover include but are not limited to: mental anguish and emotional distress; loss of use; alternate living expenses; and, in some instances, punitive damages. 

Questions?  Contact Us and schedule a consultation with us today.  

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